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The Mass Follow - what is it?

Users spend an average of 53 minutes a day on Instagram. This gives huge opportunities to reach and engage them with content. That's why influencers and businesses are looking for different ways to differentiate themselves from such a large crowd. For a long time now, it is no longer just a photo sharing service, but a way to reach a wider audience with their products or services. Instagram has become a powerful sales tool.

When an account gains Followers on Instagram, its popularity starts to grow. For brands, this is an ideal opportunity to present their products to a wide audience, as when they start to be promoted by creators, they experience an increase in sales. These activities also increase brand awareness.

The large reach of an application brings with it the risk of spam, such as mass followers. This term refers to accounts that follow a large number of other profiles. However, this is just a number that means nothing, and these profiles very often operate on a "follow/unfollow" basis. These followers are not valuable, as they will probably disappear in an instant or spoil the statistics anyway. Their presence does not contribute to conversion at all. By the way, Instagram has a very clear policy in this regard, which is to promote meaningful and authentic content.

Mass followers' account on Instagram

The term "mass follower" refers to an account that follows more than 1500 other accounts. However, not all profiles followed by so many accounts are necessarily fake. It can happen that someone wants to observe them closely. You have to be careful here, because Instagram may consider such an account as a bot. Such an account spoils the statistics of itself and the profile it follows. A large number of followed profiles means that the chances of people seeing our activity, and therefore liking and commenting on our post, are lower.

This subscriber is therefore not very valuable. However, when the number of Followers is high, it can be difficult to check such accounts. It is a time-consuming activity, so it is better to check who starts following us and to make a selection of profiles.

How to get Followers on Instagram

Organic marketing on Instagram is about using the free tools available on the platform. In short, if you want to reach as many people as possible, you should use all the features offered by Instagram :

  • frequent addition of Insta Stories (minimum 3 posts per day);

  • Reels with fashionable music;

  • leave valuable interactions under other users' publications;

  • respond to comments (this is very important, especially in the first hour after publication);

  • adding location, for example if you are in a restaurant or on holiday;

  • correctly selected hashtags (avoiding those that are forbidden);

  • advertising campaigns.

If your account is managed systematically and consistently, using all the options listed above, it will perform better in the eyes of the algorithm. When your audience is genuine, they look forward to your next posts.

Also, remember that Instagram is constantly improving its algorithm and introducing new features, so it's important to keep up with all the changes to keep your profile growing.


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