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How to Make the most of your Instagram Bio

Updated: Apr 24

Crafting Your Digital Storefront

Imagine your Instagram profile as the digital front window of a brick-and-mortar store. In the highly competitive world of social media, where every scroll, click, and view counts, your Instagram profile is your brand's digital business card. This digital showcase - a photo, username, bio, highlights with cover, and pinned posts - is your business’s first impression, reflecting your brand’s visual identity. It should captivate users' attention and leave a lasting imprint. Think of it as your brand’s silent ambassador. It should be distinctive, representative, and memorable. Your Instagram Bio is one of the central pieces in this composition. It is a tool that defines your brand and enhances your profile’s SEO and discoverability.

What exactly is an Instagram Bio?

A 150-character space nestled between your profile picture and your posts. This is your  Instagram Bio - a public and prime real estate of your profile where each character is invaluable.

It is where you encapsulate the essence of your brand: are you a business, an influencer, a public figure, or maybe an artist? This space should convey the substance of your brand’s identity, highlighting key aspects:

  • your niche, what sets you apart from competitors,

  • what products and services you offer,

  • but also what defines you, i.e., a catchy slogan (do not worry, we will show you some examples later in this article). 

Many business owners use the Instagram Bio as a homolog of their website's ‘About Us’ subpage. Although, in theory, there are some similarities, the content of your bio should be crafted and optimized exclusively for this purpose. Make it dynamic, catchy, inspiring!

It should serve your current marketing goals, such as promoting an upcoming webinar, a new sale, or a product launch. The bio should also evolve with your brand at every stage of its journey and align with your goals.

Our Best Practices for an Impactful Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio Must-haves

Your bio must include the essentials: your business name, a memorable profile picture, contact information, and a link to your website or products. The user should get a sense of what your brand is truly about at first glance.

Choose a representative yet distinctive profile picture that will resonate with your target audience. Including contact information or location is vital for accessibility. You don’t want your prospects to get discouraged while looking for basic information. For this very reason, you should provide a direct link to your website or product pages. Keep in mind that you can not include clickable links in Instagram posts, reels, or comments. You have probably heard your favorite influencers refer to a ‘link in bio.’ Hence why!

Keep it brief

The art of writing brief yet impactful texts is crucial for a poignant and effective Instagram Bio. With a 150-character limit, it should be concise and engaging. Consider hiring an experienced copywriter who will help you with wording your ideas.

Use your brand’s voice

Your bio should be a reflection of your brand’s voice and personality. Whether your tone is funny, catchy, inspiring, or informative, it should be consistent across your bio and content.

To emoji, or not to emoji? It's a common question! Well, it depends. Your bio should align with the overall tone of communication. Emojis should be enhancing your message without overshadowing it. Using emojis can make your brand look more accessible, but at the same time, it can take from the seriousness of your messages and professional allure. Before deciding your communication tone, define how you want the customer to perceive your brand.

Strategic Use of Keywords

Keywords in your Instagram Bio can significantly impact your SEO results and brand discoverability, not just on Instagram’s search tool but also on search engines like Google, which often republish results from social media. It is important to research your keywords thoroughly, considering what your target audience might be searching for. Analyze other profiles in your niche, especially of your competitors, to understand which keywords they are using and how you can differentiate yourself.

There are many keyword research tools to find out how many people search for your keyword per month, the difficulty (depending on the competition) and the seasonality of your keyword:

In your research, don't forget to consult your competitors' profiles! Read and analyse their content to identify the keywords they are targeting. You can also use SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner to consult the list of words used most frequently by your competitors.


Since Instagram posts don’t allow clickable links, the bios is your one opportunity to include a link on your profile. This could be a direct link to a product you are currently promoting. For example, Glossier links to its Holiday Gift Guide during the month of December.

If you want to direct users to several products or services, use a service like that will unite them all under a single link. Using a link shortener like Shopify redirects or will make your bio look cleaner and more professional.

Simplify and Optimize

Most social media users are visual learners, and with the overwhelming amount of content online, it’s important to keep your bio visually appealing and easy to read. Use spacing and symbols to break up the text (or emojis if they align with your brand’s communication strategy). Add a category best describing your field of expertise or type of activity. Include pronouns if you find this information relevant. Consider using additional features like contact buttons, clickable location information, and links to your other profiles to make your bio more accessible and engaging. A clear call-to-action (CTA) button can help you guide users to their next action, whether shopping, signing up for a newsletter, or learning more about a product.

Your bio is also a perfect place to announce news, such as a teaser about an upcoming product launch or your restaurant’s opening hours during the holiday season.

Refresh and Improve

The world of social media is ever-evolving, and so should your Instagram Bio. It is crucial to remain relevant! Keep an eye on the evolution of keywords, hashtags, and trends in your niche, and adjust your bio to reflect your current marketing goals and target audience. Closely monitor your results and strive for improvement.

Get Inspired!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the character limit? Need some inspiration to reignite your creativity? We have got you covered! Here are a few examples of brands with shorter bios, proving that sometimes less is truly more!


Alt text: A screenshot of Oreo’s Instagram Bio, including the text “Playful moments from your favorite cookie.”

Alt text: A screenshot of Oreo’s Christmas Instagram Bio, including the text “ Currently decking the halls brb” and a profile picture of an Oreo cookie wearing a Christmas sweater and colorful Christmas lights.

ProfileOreo is a great example of how a bio can keep freshness and relevance by adapting to current trends, events, and seasons.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Alt text: a screenshot of Dunkin’ Donuts Instagram Bio, including the text “Instagram runs on Dunkin’ “ and five highlights’ covers, each representing one letter of the word ‘Dunks.’

Dunkin’ Donuts profile is a great example of using highlights’ covers on your profile as a part of your digital business card! Each element should be thought through and used to its fullest on an optimized Instagram profile.


Alt text: A screenshot of TOMS Instagram Bio, including the text “Wear Good”

TOMS proves that two words are enough to make an impact. The brand refers to its social engagement. By buying TOMS shoes, customers help fund access to mental health resources for those who need it.

L’Oréal Paris

Alt text: A screenshot of L’Oréal Paris's Instagram Bio, including the famous slogan “Because we are all worth it” and a call to action “show us your worth with #LOrealParisFamily #ForBeautyWithoutAnimalTesting” and “stand up against street harassment #WeStandUp”

L’Oréal Paris uses its Instagram Bio to encourage followers to share UGC with the hashtag #LOrealParisFamily. The brand also shows its engagement in fighting against animal testing and street harassment, and shares hashtags to build a community around these causes.


Headspace keeps it simple by starting with a positive affirmation and then explaining its mission in one sentence. The bio is clear and minimalist. Look how they chose to use a single emoji that perfectly fits in with the profile picture.


Alt text: Screenshot of Innocent’s Instagram Bio with the text “We make healthy drinks. Buy them so we don’t get fired.”

Innocent simply describes its activity, which is making healthy drinks. Then, follows with a tongue-in-cheek call to action. Including puns in your Instagram Bio is only a good idea if it fits your brand’s overall communication style. In Innocent’s case, it is perfectly consistent with their brand voice. Yet, keep in mind that humor should be used with precaution!


Bumble's Instagram Bio includes its slogan. What sets the app apart from its competitors is that women have the First Move privilege (or a curse). Men can not send the first message. Their bio, although it consists of only four words, sums it up perfectly.


Alt text : A screenshot of Hinge’s Instagram bio, including the text “The dating app designed to be deleted. To contact us, please visit our help center.”

Hinge's whole marketing strategy is built around its simple yet poignant slogan. It is a dating app designed to be deleted. Their bio includes the famous phrase and contact guidelines. As you can see, there are only nine posts on their profile. All of them are solid white, except for the central photo of their grid, which is also white but features the text “Designed to be deleted.” The comments are off. It is a great example of using all profile elements available to turn a brand’s Instagram into its business card, flawlessly reflecting its essence.


Alt text: A screenshot of Netflix’s Instagram Bio, including the text “TEAM ALEX OR TEAM COLE ?????”

Alt text: A screenshot of Netflix’s Instagram Bio, including the text “Raised by Steve”

Source: Reddit

The American streaming giant frequently changes its bio in reference to Movies and TV series that are currently trending. The platform changed its bio to “Raised by Steve” after the Stranger Things premiere. “TEAM ALEX OR TEAM COLE ?????” teases the premiere of the second season of “My Life with Walter Boys,” encouraging viewers to pick a side. Notice the friendly and direct tone of the brand’s communication perfectly reflected in one short sentence.

Final Thoughts

Your Instagram Bio is more than just a small section of text. It is a strategic tool that can significantly impact your brand’s online presence and should not be overlooked! A well-crafted bio can substantially enhance your brand’s visibility, drive traffic to your main website, and create a memorable first impression. By adhering to our best practices, you can now transform your Instagram Bio into a dynamic, informative, and engaging business card. It is the first thing potential customers see and strongly impacts their perception of your brand. Remember that in the dynamic world of social media, staying adaptable and responsive to change is key to maintaining relevance and engagement.

If you are seeking further insight into maximizing your brand’s impact on social media, our team of experts will be happy to offer you our expertise, guidance, and support. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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