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How to Avoid Hacking of Your Professional Facebook Page?

For some time now, Facebook page administrators have been reporting an increasing number of fraudulent messages regarding blocking their business pages. Beware! This is indeed a phishing campaign! To protect yourself, it is advisable to delete the malicious message immediately.

Why are these messages dangerous?

Clicking on a link included in a fraudulent message can lead to hacking your Facebook page and, consequently, stealing your personal data. Additionally, there is a risk of hacking your Ad Manager and associated payment methods.

Never click on links in private messages!

When you receive a private message on social networks, it is essential to remain vigilant, especially if it includes a link from someone you do not know. Sometimes, fraudulent messages are sent from fake accounts, imitating Facebook's support service. This can easily lead to confusion, especially if you are not an experienced Facebook user.

How to avoid the risk?

Facebook users should be particularly cautious of fake private messages urging them to click on a link to prevent the blocking of their page. The Meta social platform encourages its users to stay vigilant against this threat.

Remember that Facebook never asks users for confidential information through private messages.


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