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How does the development of AI impact the labor market?

I invite you to read the article about artificial intelligence and its impact on employment in Poland, in which I had the pleasure of adding a comment about the use of AI in daily work and the future of certain professions.


It is not a myth that large companies in Poland are starting to lay off employees and reduce costs related to translation or writing articles for company websites, or considering this possibility in connection with the introduction of AI-based technologies.

/Forbes, 2023


How to meet customer demands and sell effectively in 2022?

Some time ago, my article appeared in the print version of the magazine E-commerce in Practice [E-commerce w Praktyce]. You can now find it in a Marketer+ e-book titled: “Profitable E-Commerce. How to keep pace with customers and sell effectively in 2022”.

/E-commerce in practice, 2022

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SEO report 2021 Ecommerce Leaders

I invite you to read report Mayko, where you can find my statement. The report includes, among other things, a list of the TOP 20 stores with the highest estimated traffic on Google in 9 categories.

/, 2021


The basics of analysis in brief. What data to check to increase profits in the online store

An article for the E-commerce magazine w Praktyce [E-commerce in practice] on the data to analyze to increase profits. I also describe how to use reports in Google Data Studio in a practical way.

/E-commerce in practice, 2021


Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager: combining work and passion

An article for Portal & PRstories about how I combine my professional work (social media and influencer marketing) with  passion since 2015. 

/&PRstories, 2020


Cooperation with influencers and its impact on the conversion and image of your company

An article for an e-commerce magazine on how to effectively cooperate with influencers and how such cooperation affects brand image.

/E-commerce magazine, 2019 

Dominique-Pliszka-Comment -fonctionne-Social-Media-Ninja.png

How does Social Media Ninja work?

Video of the naTemat program entitled "What it is to be", where representatives of various professions tell us... what it is like to be in their place. 

/naTemat, 2019


How to plan social media activities in 2021?

In this article you will learn how to operate in social media in 2021 and which are the most popular social networks to pay attention to.

/, 2020


What does remote work look like in social media?

What does a typical day look like for someone handling customer social media? Find out what working remotely is like in this job and what qualities a social media manager should have.

/, 2019


Football sells better than sex. Expert explains Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram phenomenon

Not celebrities at all. Not sex. And not women, but men. To be precise - the athletes. The highest earners on Instagram are almost entirely made up of footballers. Find out more about it in the article.

/daadHERO, 2019

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