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Viesimple is a company providing administrative services in France, specializing in tax, social, business formation, and other formalities. As part of our collaboration, we conducted a complete website redesign.


We started by conducting a user experience (UX) audit and a technical analysis, and then we assisted with migrating to a new server to enhance the website's accessibility and smooth operation. Our actions aimed to address responsiveness issues and improve the functionality of the email inbox and contact form. Here are the details of our work and the achieved results.


  • We improved the responsiveness and accessibility of the website,

  • We optimized the functioning of the email inbox and contact form,

  • We ensured consistent visual communication,

  • We added a blog section to enhance expertise and improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO),

  • We configured analytical tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.


Initially, we conducted a detailed audit of the website to identify technical issues and user experience (UX) problems. We specifically focused on improving mobile navigation and enhanced the menu structure.


Furthermore, during the audit, we assessed:

  • The usefulness and quality of the content,

  • The correct implementation of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


After analyzing the audit results, we discussed the main findings with the client to establish common priorities. A work schedule was created with specific stages using the Trello tool. One of the key points was to harmonize the visual communication across the website, social media, and email marketing, taking inspiration from the company's color palette and logo.

Subsequently, our team embarked on the design and creation of the new website version. During the design process, we focused on minimalism to ensure readability and intuitiveness. As a result, the new design provides users with a pleasant browsing experience and facilitates smooth navigation between sections and offerings. Additionally, following our recommendation, we added a blog section that allows the company to showcase its expertise and enhance the website's visibility in organic search results for key keywords (SEO).


Before finalizing the project, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the website functions properly and meets user expectations. Based on the collected data, we made cosmetic adjustments to bring the site in line with the latest standards and ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, we configured analytical tools such as:

  • Google Analytics GA 4,

  • Google Tag Manager,

  • Google Search Console.

This enables the client to track activities and analyze the effectiveness of SEO actions.


Thanks to our efforts, the Viesimple website is now fully responsive, allowing users to easily access it on different devices. The results obtained from the PageSpeed Insights tool also demonstrate the optimizations we implemented, which have improved the site's loading time. Actions such as JS code minification and CSS resource loading delay have had an impact on these results.

Additionally, we focused on enhancing communication through form submissions by ensuring proper integration with the mailbox and implementing basic automation. It was crucial to identify and address any technical issues related to the server-side functioning of the mailbox and contact form.


As a result, since the launch of the new version of the website, our client can boast of an increase of over 80% in collaboration inquiries compared to the previous year. These valuable inquiries have yielded tangible results.

The addition of a blog section has enabled Viesimple to strengthen its position as an expert by sharing valuable content and directing organic social media traffic to the website, which has had a significant impact on building trust.

The final stage of the project involved the proper implementation of analytics tools. The Viesimple website now has the ability to monitor user actions, analyze the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and optimize search engine optimization (SEO).



Finally, thanks to the collaboration with DP Media, Viesimple has obtained a new version of its website that helps build a positive image and effectively communicate with its clients. The website redesign has improved the user experience, increased the effectiveness of marketing efforts, strengthened the company's position as an expert, and achieved better search engine optimization (SEO) results.

With this successful redesign project, Viesimple can now focus on providing high-quality administrative services in France, knowing that its online presence is professional and effective.

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If you are looking for total commitment and a personalized approach for your project, I recommend using the services of DP Media, specifically Mr. Pierre, instead of a traditional agency. Mr. Pierre provided me with an individual approach and focused on my website project, resulting in a higher quality of service. His contribution to improving the appearance and functionality of my website has certainly enhanced its credibility and will have a positive impact on my business.

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