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Hyundai Marvel

Collaboration with the Hyundai Marvel dealership in Łódź through campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as Meta ads, with the aim of obtaining test drives and raising awareness about electrification.


The Hyundai Marvel dealership in Łódź has decided to enhance its online presence and increase awareness of its electric vehicle range. As part of its marketing strategy, several measures were taken, including the creation and promotion of 168 publications on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as Meta Ads campaigns.

This case study provides a detailed overview of these actions and their effectiveness in terms of obtaining test drives and raising awareness about vehicle electrification.


  • Promoting the Hyundai Marvel dealership in the city of Łódź and its surroundings.

  • Generating leads for test drives of Hyundai electric vehicles.

  • Raising awareness among the local community about vehicle electrification.


Creation and publication of social media posts: Our team has created 168 posts for the Hyundai Marvel dealership. The content was published on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The articles focused on various aspects of electrification, the benefits of driving electric vehicles, as well as information about the Hyundai models available at Marvel Grupa.

We utilized the advertising features of social media platforms to promote our articles and reach the local community. The campaigns were geographically targeted towards residents of Łódź and the surrounding areas, as well as individuals interested in electrification and automobiles.

Meta Ads campaigns: We utilized advertising campaigns on the Meta Ads platform to increase the reach and audience of our target market. The ads were optimized to reach a wide audience and generate leads for test drives. Additionally, we promoted sports events in which the Hyundai Marvel dealership was a sponsor.


The marketing efforts have contributed to a significant increase in awareness about electrification and the offerings of the Hyundai Marvel dealership in Łódź. The number of website visits, shares, and the reach of the posts have all increased, demonstrating the engagement of the local community.

The campaigns focused on generating leads for test drives have been highly successful. The dealership has experienced a notable increase in inquiries about their offerings, resulting in test drives and the sale of 3 vehicles within the 30-day campaign period.

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I would like to warmly recommend DP Media as a business partner for effective marketing activities. From the very beginning of our cooperation, I was impressed by their professionalism and dedication. Thanks to the support of DP Media in the areas of copywriting, graphic design, and running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, our brands KIA and Hyundai have experienced a significant increase in the number of inquiries and test drives.

I appreciate their communication and technical skills. Pierre and Dominique explained to us what improvements should be made in conversion tracking and which types of advertising formats on these platforms would be most effective for our industry. I highly recommend DP Media as a trustworthy business partner. We are truly satisfied with the results we have achieved in collaboration with DP Media and we are eagerly looking forward to more success in the future.

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